Why have a ground loop commissioned by a third party?

It is critical to have the system commissioned by a third party to ensure the system was installed per the engineer’s design. If it is improperly installed, identifying and assessing problems after installation will be very costly and difficult. This can be avoided with Melink’s third-party commissioning. We will ensure the ground loop is installed correctly by verifying borehole spacing, depth, grout thermal conductivity, and ensuring the system is flushed of debris and purged of air.

What type of financing is available?

Melink can help you determine the financing option that is best for your situation. Typical financing solutions are third-party financing and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). We will pursue a more creative financing method if necessary.

K-12 schools are eligible for HB-264 and Certificates of Participation Financing.

For more information on PACE financing, visit http://www.pacenation.us/about-pace/

What is the Manifest Pre-Engineered Pumping Station? What are the benefits?

It is a proprietary packaged pumping station designed to increase energy efficiency with our patented ground loop bypass valve. The Manifest Pre-Engineered Pumping Station comes in standard package sizes for easy selection by engineers. It is simple for mechanical contractors to install, with plug-and-play electrical and plumbing connections. This web-enabled pumping system also allows for remote monitoring of system performance.