What is the Manifest Pre-Engineered Pumping Station? What are the benefits?

It is a proprietary packaged pumping station designed to increase energy efficiency with our patented ground loop bypass valve. The Manifest Pre-Engineered Pumping Station comes in standard package sizes for easy selection by engineers. It is simple for mechanical contractors to install, with plug-and-play electrical and plumbing connections. This web-enabled pumping system also allows for remote monitoring of system performance.

What is Melink’s vision for the geothermal industry?

Geothermal HVAC works for us, and we want to share the opportunity! Melink plans to mainstream geothermal HVAC by reducing the installation cost with innovative products such as the Manifest pump station. Our vision also includes educating building owners, architects and engineers about the benefits; providing engineering services; and offering financing to help cover the upfront cost and provide a positive cash flow.

Why isn’t geothermal mainstream yet?

Geothermal has been around for decades. But a lack of awareness of its benefits and proper design of the system has led to slow growth. Melink has utilized geothermal heating and cooling in its Net-Zero Energy headquarters for the past 10 years. Our geothermal system is the biggest contributor to our energy-efficiency goals. We would not have achieved Net-Zero Energy status without it.

What is a geothermal HVAC system and how does it save energy?

Geothermal heat pumps use the ground as a heat exchanger via a closed-loop water circuit. During the winter, the system takes heat out of the ground and transfers it into the building. And during the summer, the system takes heat out of the building and transfers it into the ground. The ground maintains an average temperature of 55-70°F depending on your location. So this is 25-50 percent more energy efficient than conventional HVAC systems using air-source condensing units for cooling and fossil fuels for heating.

Geothermal technology is proven, reliable and efficient. It is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool a building, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What are Melink’s current operations and maintenance capabilities?

We provide all operating, maintenance and repair services, including materials, equipment, labor and supplies, needed to perform such duties. As such, we are responsible for 24-hour monitoring, remote and field troubleshooting of identified issues, and prompt resolution to minimize downtime.

Our preventative maintenance program typically provides annual site visits to each array for visual inspection. If we become aware of a broken piece of equipment, a Melink representative can typically be dispatched to the site within 48 hours. If a PV module is damaged, we can usually replace it during the next scheduled visit with one of the reserve panels we keep at our headquarters.

In between those scheduled visits, we provide customized response depending upon the severity/impact of the individual issue, including next business day response to critical issues. Our experience with solar asset management began with maintenance of systems within our corporate headquarters in 2007, and we expanded that service offering to our customers several years later. Since then, we have become a certified preventative maintenance contractor for Solectria and added a full-time asset manager to our staff. With technicians located across the country, Melink can ensure fast response and top-quality service for all the assets we manage.

How do you clean the solar PV system?

For most systems, rainfall is enough to clean solar panels. However, the system may need to be hosed off more frequently if it is located in a particularly dry or dusty area. During the past five years, we have gained significant experience providing operations and maintenance services for the solar PV systems we have installed. We offer this service to clients who do not have the capability or expertise to perform the necessary maintenance themselves.