What happens after Intelli-Hood is installed?

Category: Post-installation Maintenance

After Intelli-Hood is installed, we will train your staff on its operation and ongoing maintenance. In reality, there will be virtually no impact to your operations considering the intelligence of the system. For a detailed guide to operation and maintenance, please see our O&M manual on our resources page or view our how-to videos.

If you’re interested in validating your energy savings, we have three tiers of services for monitoring:

1) Remote Connectivity – We can program your Intelli-Hood system to “phone home” to our online Intelli-Hood portal, where you will be given a login to view and download performance reports on an as-needed basis. The system can be connected wirelessly or by a hard-wired Ethernet cord. You will also be notified of any system alerts by an automated email.
2) Premium Monitoring Service – Let us monitor and report on your energy savings for you. We can be the proactive watchdog of your systems’ performance.
3) Preventative Maintenance Agreements – We’ll perform a health check, retrain kitchen staff and perform ongoing maintenance on the system to keep your energy savings at peak performance.

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