Intelli-Hood Fault Codes: Optic & Temperature Faults

In this post, Melink Technical Support shares tips for diagnosing common Intelli-Hood fault codes. We primarily will cover faults common to Intelli-Hood® optic and temperature sensors. (If you are looking for information about VFD faults, click here.)

Please note that fault codes caused by optic and temperature sensors will NOT stop a kitchen from operating. However, they will cause the hood fans to run at full speed until the fault is cleared. Until they are resolved, the system will not save energy.

Getting Started

If your system has a fault code, it is important to determine which version of Intelli-Hood you have. Fault codes and how they are displayed vary among IH1, IH2, and IH3 systems. For instance, IH1 uses a combination of a numeric display and bar graph. The bar graph will light up to report which sensor is experiencing an issue.

To diagnose faults, consult your product’s reference guide. Click to download for IH1, IH2, or IH3. Please note that everyday kitchen staff should not be expected to understand these faults; the intention is for a contractor or electrician to handle fault issues. After consulting your system’s reference guide, if you cannot determine the fault or need additional help, contact Melink.

Common Intelli-Hood Fault Codes

Melink Technical Support shares the most common Intelli-Hood fault codes:

F4 = This code signals a loss of power. The system will display this code whenever the power is disconnected.

F5 = This is a very common code relating to an internal voltage issue. In about 75% of cases where this code is seen, the system drive is going bad. The other 25% is caused by a bad connection, bad motor, or bad curb voltage.

F7 = F7 is directly related to the motor. When the motor exceeds its pre-programmed motor limit, the error is displayed. It is caused by something causing express resistance to the motor such as an over-tightened belt, the motor bearings wearing out, or something caught in the fan blades.

F8 = This is a common variable frequency drive (VFD) fault code, signaling when the heatsink goes over a certain temperature. A common cause of this is buildup in the system. (The VFD has a cooling fan that needs to be checked periodically to make sure it’s not clogged.) In some cases, the buildup can be removed with compressed air. In extreme cases where the VFD is totally filled with grease, you have to replace the drive.
Example: An IH2 customer reported that their system was overheating and displaying an F8 error. Upon inspection, the cooling fan was caked with a brown powder. There was a hot cocoa station near the system, and cocoa powder was being sucked in through the cooling fan. The cocoa dust was blown out, the fan cleaned, and the system resumed its normal operations.

F12 = This code signals that something is exceeding the system’s drives over all limitations. Motor issues normally cause this code to appear. The motor could be dead or dying. The support team has also seen this in cases where someone replaced the motor but used the wrong size.

F13 = This means there is a direct short to the ground somewhere, and the drive is protecting itself by throwing out an error code. On the motor side, one of the legs or wires is touching ground or arcing to ground when it fires up.
Example: A customer unsuccessfully tries to reset the system on his/her own to clear a fault, does not contact Melink’s Technical Support, and the system results in the same fault over and over again.

F33 = This code relates to the automatic restart limit, which is predetermined at five resets. You will see this code when the drive has attempted to restart itself and hit the same fault five times consecutively.

Special Notes for Intell-Hood Fault Codes
  • The IH2 system uses a coding system on its touchpad to signal faults. Click here for further instruction on IH2 faults.
  • The IH3 fault code system is the most detailed; it displays full error codes on its LCD touchpad. Some of the terminology may be confusing to customers. Click here for further instruction on IH3 faults.

Access Intelli-Hood reference materialsFAQs, and how-to videos. For advanced troubleshooting, contact Melink Technical Support (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) via web request or by calling 877-477-4190.